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Attorney General Sessions Speaks at Georgetown Law

Yesterday, we published a post I wrote about the troubling state of civic life in today’s environment of identity politics. The same morning, Above the Law published a piece that illustrates the follies of tribalism I intended to condemn in my post. In what is either an attempt to create controversial click-bait or simply a […]

Leftist Fundamentalism

There are liberals, and then there are leftists. Liberals, as the name suggests, are open-minded, willing to engage with ideas they might not agree with, appreciative of authentic pluralism, and capable of co-existence alongside individuals with whom they may not necessarily be ideologically, religiously, or morally aligned. Leftists, on the other hand, are rigid ideologues […]

Gross Presidential Action, Grotesque Hypocrisy

Many in this country are currently outraged by President Trump’s Executive Order (EO) Friday, which temporarily has thrown our immigration system and refugee admittance programs into chaos. The idea that we in America would turn our backs on needy and deserving individuals for highly attenuated concerns about the potential for a handful of them to be […]