Combating Household Air Pollution in Rural Kenya

The conservatarian kitch business has been good recently. Almost $200 bucks in the past few months. So what’s going on over at DonorSee? How about “rocket stoves” in rural Kenya to combat household air pollution and its deleterious health effects?

In Rural Kenya, many people still cook by open flame wood fires (like a campfire). Due to the heavy smoke, and poor ventilation, this method is costly in two ways. A lot of wood is needed to cook a meal for a family, which is expensive and time consuming. Also, the smoke is a leading cause of health issues related to the eyes and lungs. We’re introducing ‘rocket stove’ technology to help combat these problems. Only $40 will supply a rocket stove to a family in need. This will reduce health issues, save them money and time on collecting fire wood, and create a better solution to conserve the environment. Our goal is to purchase stoves for 10 families, like the one we recently gave to Eliza, a widow in Webuye, Kenya (see video). We will purchase and distribute all 10 stoves once we have reached our $400 goal.

We bought five to finish funding the project.

Screenshot (48)

And by we, I mean every one of you in whom “the dogma lives loudly” or who wanted to #draftwillett (btw, mission accomplished!). So thank you!

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