Rob Barthelmess

k2aowyzzRob is a co-founder of the Least Dangerous Blog and is one of the site’s editors.

Rob is an attorney working in Los Angeles.  He graduated cum laude from Georgetown Law in 2017, where he served as the Vice President of Events for the Georgetown Law Federalist Society and as the Student Executive Editor of the Journal of National Security Law & Policy. Rob holds a B.A. in philosophy from UCLA.

Rob was raised in Santa Barbara, California, where he worked as a newspaper photographer through high school and college (some remnants of his photographs can be found here).

You can find him on Twitter and on LinkedIn. Rob curates a list of law professors on Twitter, which you can subscribe to here.

You can find more of his posts on the Least Dangerous Blog here.


Rob’s greatest contribution to society is the Epstein Strike gif. (Downloadable here.)




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