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It’s Time for a New Right-of-Center Party

For people who value principles (and basic human decency!) over politics, 2016 has been a disaster of a year. At the start of the election season back in 2015, both parties seemed poised to listen to the principled consciences within their ranks. On the left, Bernie Sanders – a relatively obscure independent-socialist Senator from relatively-rural […]

A Most Fitting Tribute to Religious Liberty and the U.S. Constitution

On Thursday night, Khizr Khan, father of a slain Iraq War hero, delivered a poignant, heartfelt, and personal message to the Democratic National Convention and the millions of viewers watching along. In his speech, he demonstrated, in word and deed, much of what is wrong with the Trump campaign. I will not rehash that here, as […]

Please, No More “Mandates”

Cue the incoming Senate Democratic Leader (minority or majority, yet to be seen) to be the first that I’ve witnessed this election cycle to begin the quadrennial tradition of self-aggrandizing predictions about the consequences of the fall election. Chuck Schumer, in speaking with Politico, gave the utterly unoriginal prognostication, introduced under the headline “Chuck Schumer’s […]

2016: Zinn’s Revolt of the Guards Has Arrived

I have the good pleasure to share this piece which Rob Barthelmess invited me to collaborate with him on. The substance is his; the “flair,” as well as all remaining errors, are my own. Gentlemen, he said I don’t need your organization, I’ve shined your shoes I’ve moved your mountains and marked your cards But […]

Declaration of Independence – 2016 Election Proposed Update

TO CONGRESS, July 4, 2016. The unanimous Declaration of disgruntled Americans within the fifty-ish (looking at you Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Guam, et al.) united States of America, When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people who comprise an (ostensibly) classically liberal republic to dissolve the political bands which have connected […]

Washington’s Farewell Address – “I Warned You”

On the heels of Judge Posner’s recent “They shit in chamber pots so what do they know” op-ed, I’d like to offer a roundabout defense of the Framers by highlighting how what Washington said in 1796 has possibly never been more relevant. We can’t say he didn’t warn us.   I give you the “sparknotes” Washington’s […]

A Government of Laws and Not of Men – The Contrarian Case for a Trump Presidency

Don’t clutch your pearls just yet. I have, since the start of this election cycle, vehemently opposed Donald Trump, and still do, along with most all of my ideological co-religionists. I believe that Donald Trump is little more than a narcissistic, egotistical, self-promoting strongman who is undeserving of the office of the Presidency, being more […]

Separation of Powers’ Fair Weather Fans

The following is a slightly modified form of this article. The only modifications made were substituting “Trump” in place of “Obama,” modifying specific details to make them context appropriate, and deleting extraneous material (extraneous as to this object lesson, anyway). The Trump administration has all but declared war against what are, in its view, a […]