Children in Need

So, selling ironic coffee mugs generated a hair over $130 as of August 14, 2017. It just so happened that a project on DonorSee was $130 shy of its funding goal. How fitting, then, to start this new endeavor:

Amos has Cerebral Palsy. He is 3 years old but weighs only 5kg. His Dad died and his Mum has no job and is struggling to feed her children. Amos is suffering the most and is very malnourished. Please help us to provide food parcels, milk and peanut butter for a few weeks to help Amos gain strength. Then to set Mama Amos up in a business so she can be sustainable and support her own family.





Learn more about the sponsor of this project here, who is the founder of a Tanzanian non-profit devoted to serving orphans and supporting families who lack the financial wherewithal to sustain themselves.

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