Trump Prepares “Pivot” on Immigration (Maybe?)

2016 continues to not disappoint. It’s the drunk uncle of election years: at times funny, at times maddening, at times sad and pathetic.

Here comes Univision with news that, behind closed doors, Trump has now indicated he hasn’t really meant what he said about immigrants and that he plans on supporting some form of amnesty:

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump plans to present an immigration plan in Colorado Thursday that will include finding a way to legalize millions of undocumented immigrants, according to three people who attended a meeting between the candidate and Hispanic leaders on Saturday at Trump Tower in New York. “I really liked that Trump acknowledged that there is a big problem with the 11 million [undocumented] people who are here, and that deporting them is neither possible nor humane,” said Jacob Monty, a Texas immigration lawyer who attended the meeting.

While this is welcome news because mass deportation is both dumb and a terrible idea, we’ll see what ends up happening if/when Trump goes public.

In the meantime, it is a hoot to watch the reactions. Trumpbart Breitbart is in denial:

“Mr. Trump said nothing today that he hasn’t said many times before, including in his convention speech — enforce our immigration laws, uphold the Constitution and be fair and humane while putting American workers first,” Steven Cheung, Trump’s rapid response director, told Breitbart News late Saturday night….While the BuzzFeed and Univision stories got it wrong, Breitbart News actually spoke with many of the main players in the room and senior campaign staffers. At least four campaign sources with direct knowledge of Trump’s plans—including several who were in the room at this meeting—directly and independently confirmed to Breitbart News that Trump has no such plans to change anything in his immigration policy.

It’s like the guy who just refuses to believe his partner is cheating on him: “She wouldn’t do that! Besides, her best friend told me she wasn’t!”

Regardless of what ends up happening with respect to the Trump campaign’s positions on immigration (or anything, really), this is just a fitting reminder of the nature of the Trump campaign, which RedState summarizes aptly:

Trump’s base is built around this hardcore stance that the wall should be built and the illegal immigrants should be deported. They railed against “Gang of Eight” Marco Rubio for his perceived weak stance, however they will most likely justify Trump’s flip-flop because let’s face it, nothing matters to them. It’s almost like Trump simply told them what they wanted to hear in order to win.

I wouldn’t be surprised if, before the end is over, Trump supports total amnesty (again?), single-payer healthcare (again), abortion (again), gay marriage (again), etc., despite having run by-and-large as a xenophobic troglodyte who was going to “Make America Great Again,” presumably by going back to the “good old days.”

If this year has proven anything to be true, whether this scoop is correct or not, it is that Trump’s supporters will happily go along for the ride, as his campaign is less about policy and more about personality cult.

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