Pensees (reflections in progress)

A fundamental flaw in socialistic models of governance is the dogmatic belief that the redistributive process can remain just and democratic while asserting control over vast swaths of individuals’ lives and property. It fails to recognize that, in most cases, all the model does is replace those who attained power in the market (one of the most fundamentally democratic arenas in life) with those who attained power in politics (a not infrequently very undemocratic arena), and it demonizes many of those responsible for across the board improvements in individuals’ quality of life who were rewarded for their contributions by reaping profit upon their investments of time, energy, intellect, and resources. Hence the decay of Marxism into Stalinism. But failed ideologies never die – they just reinvent themselves. And those who advocate for such forms of governance, sadly, are too often blinded by their good intentions to the logical conclusions of their own ideology. it is too often not a failure of character but a tragic failure of foresight and imagination.

Politics, far too often, is about treating symptoms rather than addressing root causes. Politics indulges in the proverbial conduct of putting a band-aid on a broken bone. And too often, we celebrate those who argue this is the solution and then reward them for doing so.

Sanction is a terrible word. It means nearly contradictory things – official approval for an action, or alternatively, imposition of a penalty for an action. Maybe the French are right in having a ministry devoted to approval of new words and definitions.

Prophets don’t have time for wives (or husbands).

Moral certitude is unbecoming of epistemological relativists.

Politics is the art of making one’s successes visible and one’s failures unseen.

The best way to discredit the truth is to place it in the mouth of a knave.

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